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Pedro Doesn't Have Until November!

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You might remember Pedro. He has four children and his wife is a US citizen. Last year thousands of people like you took action to keep Pedro with his family — but now ICE is trying again to deport him, even though Pedro is a law-abiding family man and the primary caretaker of his eldest son who has severe cerebral palsy.

Pedro’s renewal should be a no-brainer, yet the ICE Detroit Field Office just denied his request and without action from the Obama Administration he could be deported at any moment.

Click here to send a message telling Secretary Jeh Johnson to stop Pedro’s deportation. Pedro and his family are counting on you!

Pedro meets multiple criteria that would likely qualify him for the type of deportation relief the White House had been considering, including years of residence in the United States, children, and marriage to a U.S. citizen. Those facts and thousands of faxes from you convinced ICE a year ago that Pedro was exactly the sort of person America should welcome, not kick out. But a year later, Pedro’s stay has expired and ICE has unbelievably denied him a renewal.

Tell Secretary Jeh Johnson to stop Pedro’s deportation. Help keep this family together!