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Latinos and Immigrants Deserve Fair Coverage From MSNBC

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What kind of message is MSNBC trying to send our community?

Instead of reprimanding Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, for his biased reporting on immigration  issues, they are rewarding him by expanding his show –“Morning Joe”–  to a four hour block.

This move would effectively push José Díaz-Balart, one of the most respected journalists within the Latino community and MSNBC’s sole Latino anchor, off the airwaves.

At a time when anti-immigrant sentiment is on the rise, our community needs journalists who will provide fair and balanced coverage on the important issues.

Click here to send a Tweet demanding that José Díaz-Balart and his show “The Rundown” are kept on the air.

As a journalist, José Díaz-Balart built a career at Telemundo, reporting on some of the most important issues facing our communities. Since then, José Díaz-Balart has gone on to speak to President Obama about his executive actions, challenged Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant rhetoric, and has consistently spoken to DREAMers about their advocacy efforts.

It has beenJosé Díaz-Balart who has spoken directly to our community every morning, always providing fair and balanced reporting on the issues that matter.

We cannot let MSNBC pull the plug on such a respected and valuable voice within our community.

Taking José Díaz-Balart off the air will only affirm that MSNBC supports expanding biased coverage. Click here to demand that MSNBC keep José Díaz-Balart on the air.

MSNBC cannot claim to be a reliable cable news network, while silencing journalists like José Díaz-Balart.

Our communities deserve better from such a reputable network —  Latinos and immigrant should get fair and balanced coverage from MSNBC. I hope that you will join us, and take action to ensure that José Díaz-Balart remains on the air.