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No Child Should Have To Go Through This!

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Joseline, 9, and Ariana, 7, are pleading to their President to let them stay in Columbus, Ohio, their home.

Their mom, Esmeralda, could be deported by the Obama Administration within a matter of days, even though she’s been in the country for 14 years. With no other family nearby, Joseline, Ariana, and their baby brother — all U.S. citizens — will be forced to leave their own country.

These girls will suffer the most if this family is deported. Joseline and Ariana are at the top of their class and have received awards for good grades and behavior. But if the Obama Administration deports their mom, they’ll be forced to uproot to Michoacán, Mexico, where drug cartel violence is a part of daily life.

These children shouldn’t be expelled from the country of their birth. Their mom would qualify for the path to citizenship in the Senate’s immigration bill, but House Republicans refuse to vote on it. President Obama says he supports this legislation — so why is he punishing U.S. citizens like Joseline and Ariana for the House’s inaction?  Please help Esmeralda and her family now!