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Call Congress: Demand The Dream Act Now!

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Did you know that nearly 15,000 DACA holders have already lost their status and can no longer legally work or drive in the United States?

These are young Americans who grew up in America. They put their faith in our government, came forward, passed background checks, and were given a shot at the American dream.

All that changed back in September when Donald Trump decided to end the DACA program.

Now, every single day, another 122 young Americans lose their DACA status. And unless Congress acts soon, things are going to get worse. This spring, the number of people losing their DACA will increase to over 1,000 a day. That’s absolutely unthinkable.

This week, hundreds of Dreamers are taking over Capitol Hill, conducting acts of civil disobedience and doing whatever it takes to persuade Congress to pass legislation. Their lives are on the line — and here’s how you can help them.

Please call your member of Congress at 202-224-3121 and say:

I’m calling to urge Congress to pass the Dream Act now! Already, more than 15,000 young people have already lost their DACA protections. That’s more than 15,000 reasons why we need to get Congress to pass the Dream Act now. Dreamers who have lived here almost their whole lives will face deportation unless Congress passes the DREAM Act right away.

Please, I urge you to commit to a vote the Dream Act. Thank you for your time.

After you’re done with your call, please click here and tell us about your call. It’s important that we track each and every call that goes into Congress.

Please call Congress today and tell your member of Congress to demand action on the Dream Act.