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Three Questions Voters in TX-34 Deserve Answers on from Mayra Flores

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“Flores must publicly and vocally reject these pernicious lies pushed by her party’s leadership or she remains complicit.”

Washington, DC – Republican Mayra Flores is headed to Congress to represent Texas’ 34th  U.S Congressional District for the briefest of terms before facing election for a two-year term this November in a redistricted version of the seat. Flores has so far managed to avoid tough questions about her Republican friends in leadership and her constituents deserve straight answers.

Here are three questions Mayra Flores must answer:

  • Does Mayra Flores embrace or reject the white nationalist replacement theory and invasion rhetoric espoused by GOP leaders like Elise Stefanik and embraced by several terrorists who have murdered scores of Americans over the last few years, including 23 people in Texas?
  • Where does Mayra Flores stand on the revelations in the January 6 committee hearings, and Republican leadership’s patent refusal to confront this violent attack on American Democracy?  
  • If given the chance, will she vote for Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik to lead the GOP House Republicans, thereby turning a blind eye to outright promotion of dangerous racist lies?

America’s Voice has made Flores one of several areas of focus of a new bilingual Show Me Your Friends/Dime Con Quién Andas campaign that highlights the reasoning behind these important questions. For example, Flores has welcomed an endorsement from third-ranking House Republican Elise Stefanik, who has echoed the same racist conspiracy theories as the racist mass murderer who attacked El Paso in 2019 and Buffalo in May. She also accepted thousands of dollars from her friends Brian Babin, Kevin McCarthy and $10,000 from Elise Stefanik’s superPAC. Rep. Babin (R-TX), last year went on Fox News peddling the racist “white replacement” lies, claiming, “they [Democrats] want to change America, they want to replace the American electorate with third-world immigrants.” Does Flores also believe in these racist fictions? If not, why keep the money and accept the support? 

The following is a statement from Mario Carrillo, Campaigns Director at America’s Voice:

As Mayra Flores briefly heads to Congress before facing voters again in November, voters in her district deserve to know where she stands on the rise of white nationalism and the attempted coup in 2021, both of which are embraced by the leaders of her party. 

Will she demonstrate the courage of the two Republican Members of Congress who have stood up to the dangerous lies embraced by her party’s leadership? Or will she continue to display silent cowardice and accept the support of Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, Elise Stefanik, and Brian Babin as they spread lies that put her constituents in danger?

The racist lies of ‘replacement,’ ‘invasions’ and ‘stolen’ elections have a real body count and all stem from the same sense that America is a country for and by white people. They threaten the safety of voters and undermine the democratic process that Flores now represents. Flores must publicly and vocally reject these pernicious lies pushed by her party’s leadership or she remains complicit. Because, as the saying goes, ‘show me your friends and I will show you who you are.’ Reporters and voters alike should force Flores to state where she stands on the critical issue of rejecting racist and election lies.

Read more about the Show Me Your Friends/Dime Con Quién Anda campaign, here, and visit the website here.