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Supreme Court Blocks Push to Politicize the Census

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Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, regarding today’s Supreme Court Ruling in Department of Commerce v. New York on the inclusion of a citizenship question in the decennial census:

Today, democracy prevailed as the Supreme Court ruled to block the citizenship census question targeting Latinos and immigrants. As we learned through Republican strategist Thomas Hofeller’s documents, the administration’s intent behind the question is clear: to terrorize and scare immigrant families in service of taking political power away from communities of color; to politicize the census to give the Republican Party an unfair and disproportionate share of political power; and to drain resources from communities where immigrants and people of color live.  

This was a naked and bold effort by the administration to undermine our democracy in order for the Republican minority to maintain control. Today, the Supreme Court avoided disaster and dealt a setback to those who believe in rigging the system to promote white supremacy in the United States. 

We want to thank the many people and organizations who are leading the way in the fight to turn back the Trump administration’s drive to hijack the census. You have won a major battle in an ongoing war. We stand in awe of your work and in solidarity with the cause.