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Senator Burr’s Deafening Silence In the Machado Moment

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If Burr Won’t Stand Up to Trump Now When Will He?

Senator Burr’s silence is deafening as Donald Trump doubles down on his “Machado Moment” and focuses the full energy of his campaign on disgusting, sexist, racist, and bullying attacks against Alicia Machado, a Latina, Miss Universe pageant winner.

North Carolinians elected Burr to represent their ideals and to defend them against attacks on their state and their nation, and yet he remains silent in the face of an aggressor.  Alicia Machado represents and advocates for the female; the Latino; the motherhood; the immigrant; the U.S. Citizen; and working communities — and Burr could stand to learn a lesson or two from her.

As Burr has shown no signs of disavowing his support for Donald Trump, Machado is fighting back with her voice and her vote against Trump, who has publicly fat-shamed her, bullied her, and  called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” for decades.  A newly naturalized citizen, Machado will cast her first ever ballot against Donald Trump.

As voter registration interest among Hispanics spikes across the nation and particularly in battleground states, Sen. Burr and other Republicans continue to support Donald Trump’s racist campaign and his relentless, brutal attacks on the Latino community. Unfortunately, Machado is just the latest example in a long line of offensive attacks from Donald Trump.

He has called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals; called for an end to immigration from Muslim countries; attacked a well-respected federal Judge because of his Hispanic heritage; encouraged his supporters to attack dissenters at rallies; and criticized a Gold Star Muslim family whose son died serving the country.

Burr’s silence is insulting and, frankly, repulsive.

“Donald Trump has spent the entirety of his campaign in the gutter inspiring the worst impulses in Americans,” said Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “But it is also shocking for North Carolinians that Senator Burr would continue to support such a depraved candidate. Burr’s silence over the past months has many of us wondering if Deborah Ross is running against an incumbent or for a vacant seat.”