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Sen. Bob Menendez and Immigration Experts and Advocates Discuss Immigration Policy, Politics, and Polling

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To access recording of today’s call, click HERE

Washington DC – To wrap up a busy week on immigration, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) joined leading policy and political experts from The Immigration Hub, FWD.us, and America’s Voice on a press call this morning discussing the latest on immigration policy, politics, and polling. 

Senator Menendez discussed the plan he released this week, “Securing Our Borders By Managing Migration And Refugees In The Americas,” which he describes as providing the Biden Administration with “a strategic blueprint to develop a sustainable and structural response to migration in the region to reduce pressure on the U.S. southwest border without sacrificing our nation’s domestic and international obligations to protect asylum seekers.”

Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, moderated the call and said, “With the end of Title 42 on the horizon, we are at an inflection point on how to deal with the challenges at the border and migration. We can continue the cruelty of the Trump administration and focus on approaches that do not work and are morally wrong, or we can try something new. First, actually recognize that migration is good for America and as such we need to manage it. And two, embrace what President Biden often says in his speeches: that Americans can do whatever they set their mind to. America can manage this moment and set us on a course of modernizing our system in a way that reunites families and serves our economic, demographic, and cultural interests. And guess what? American voters are hungry for this approach, because they want to see a functional system that is both compassionate and orderly.

Other speakers on the call included Sergio Gonzales, Executive Director of the Immigration Hub, who said, “The American public overwhelmingly wants a more balanced approach to immigration, one that includes both sensible and humane border solutions and also creates new legal paths and opportunities for immigrant families, including Dreamers and TPS holders, who are at risk of deportation. We need a path forward – a fix to our deeply broken system and in absence of congressional action, the Biden administration can take immediate steps allowing immigrant families and workers, including Dreamers to apply for protection from deportation and work permits and he can extend Temporary Protected Status for nationals from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua who cannot safely return home. As President Biden and Democrats look to 2024, they have an opportunity to go on offense on immigration. They have an opportunity to deliver popular solutions that recognize the contributions of immigrant communities and workers. These are the solutions that the American public supports, that businesses are demanding, and that our economy desperately needs.” This week, the Immigration Hub and VotoLatino released new battleground state polling conducted by Global Strategy Group, “Public Opinion Attitudes on Immigration.”

Todd Schulte, President and Executive Director, FWD.us, noted: “America is at its best when we welcome those in need of protection, and those who want to come to our country to work, study, or be reunited with their families – regardless of where they’re born, their religion, or their race. There is an incredible opportunity to seize. That means actually building a diverse set of real working legal immigration avenues.” This month, FWD.us released a policy framework titled, “A New Pathway Forward for the United States.”

Zachary Mueller, Political Director of America’s Voice, discussed the Republicans’ ongoing anti-immigrant focus, noting: “nativist political theater might play well for some of their donors and the MAGA base tuning into right-wing media, but hard-line nativism is a poor political strategy that comes with a cost of hurting the U.S. economy already suffering from labor shortages. The lack of sane substance has left Republicans in disarray.”