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San Antonio Express-News Editorial: Greg Abbott Chooses “Border Showmanship” and “Politics” Over Border Solutions

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Washington, DC – More voices are calling out Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s relentless nativism, including how his escalating campaign against immigrants comes at the expense of real policy solutions.

In a must-read new editorial, the San Antonio Express-News condemns Gov. Abbott’s “border showmanship” and prioritization of “politics” instead of real solutions that are desperately needed, especially in the aftermath of the deaths of 53 migrants in a tractor-trailer in San Antonio.

The editorial, excerpted below, joins other Texas and national media outlets’ pushback and coverage this week, including of the America’s Voice press call featuring elected officials and advocates condemning Gov. Abbott’s recklessness (audio recording here).

According to Mario Carrillo, Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice:

“Gov. Abbott’s latest executive order, his dangerous promotion of ‘invasion’ rhetoric, and his relentless dehumanization of immigrants will lead to racial profiling against families that look like mine and could lead to the kind of unspeakable violence my hometown of El Paso experienced in 2019.

After the El Paso massacre, Gov. Abbott acknowledged that “mistakes were made,” that Republicans calling migration an invasion or encouraging Texans to take matters into their own hands is dangerous and promising to do better. He knows the dangers, yet for cynical political purposes he is, once again, escalating the ugly nativism and moving us farther from the real policy solutions. In so doing, he is moving all Texans closer to the potential for more horrific violence.”

Read the San Antonio Express-News editorial: “Gov. Abbott again puts politics above border solutions,” and find key excerpts below:

“On July 5, a week after dozens of migrants — the toll would reach 53 — died horrifically in a tractor-trailer on San Antonio’s Southwest Side, a handful of Texas counties declared an ‘invasion’ by migrants and demanded more state resources.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar blasted the misleading and dangerous terminology as ‘political rhetoric’ that is ‘dead wrong’ and creates a ‘monetary incentive’ for smugglers.

The next day, Abbott bragged about committing another $30 million to the controversial border security mission that’s mobilized 10,000 national and state guardsmen and troopers, producing a $4 billion price tag, negligible results and a long list of problems.

…Then on July 7, Abbott announced his executive order authorizing Texas Military Department and Department of Public Safety personnel to apprehend migrants who cross the border and return them to ports of entry in a departure from previous policy.

…Border and immigration law enforcement is a federal responsibility, and Abbott’s latest proclamation pushes the boundaries of state jurisdiction. It also forces more engagement between state authorities and migrants, increasing the risk for civil rights violations.

Abbott’s order is yet another example of the governor grabbing headlines but failing to elaborate or provide details on the legalities of a new policy, let alone how it will be enacted, enforced or paid for. Or how — or if — it will make a difference in our broken immigration system that Abbott exploits.

Abbott’s latest salvos of border showmanship ring hollow in the aftermath of the nation’s deadliest human smuggling event and against the backdrop of a Department of Justice investigation into civil rights abuses.

…Operation Lone Star’s alleged civil rights abuses are another example of how Abbott and other Texas GOP leaders prioritize polarizing politics over human rights and policy solutions. We hope the Justice Department’s investigation leads to more transparency and helps inform a more humane and effective way forward.”