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Party Over Patriotism: Rep. Joe Heck Silent on Trump’s Attack on Gold Star Family

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Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks against the Khan family are the latest, and perhaps most heartless, example of his campaign’s sustained attempts to stoke racial and religious animosity. In their refusal to disavow Trump, Republicans are enabling his behavior and prioritizing party over country.

Greg Sargent, writing for the Washington Post clearly summarized the GOP’s fate: “If individual Republicans don’t break off their support for Trump’s candidacy now –by, say, withdrawing their endorsements – they run the risk of having no choice but to do so after Trump sinks even further into wretchedness and depravity, to a point of true no return.”

In Nevada, Representative Heck has stayed silent on Trump’s attacks – begging the question – what more do Republicans need to see from Trump before they rescind their support?

Senior Airman AJ Buhay, an Air Force Veteran and Nevada resident of the 3rd congressional district who was honorably discharged from the United States Air Force and was Active Duty Deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, said:

“As a veteran and an immigrant, I am disgusted by Donald Trump’s comments about Ghazala and Khizr Khan, and his dishonoring of the memory of Captain Khan, and indirectly the many other fallen soldiers and their Gold Star Families. Together with this, Joe Heck’s continued support of a megalomaniac and a demagogue as their party’s presidential candidate proves that he is not cut out to be a leader whether in uniform or in elected office.

Like the 65,000 immigrants who have joined the armed forces, our U.S. military is a point of great pride and envy across the globe. I joined the military to serve and protect my country and my family.  I deployed in a time of war to protect the freedoms of all Americans, not just some. I imagine Captain Khan as an honorable man who would have followed orders from a man like Joe Heck, a general in the army, as I would’ve done during my time in service if I were under his command. In the Air Force, one of our core values is “Integrity First.” I question Joe Heck’s integrity when he blindly follows a presidential nominee who mockingly attacks immigrant families, including immigrant families in the military. Where is Joe Heck’s integrity when Donald Trump attacks the Khan Family and the many military and immigrant families they represent? Once again Joe Heck is putting his party before people, his blind allegiance to Donald Trump before Nevadans. By not standing up to demagogues like Donald Trump, Joe Heck has not only proven his ineffectiveness as a leader in uniform, but also his failings as a leader in elected office.”

So we ask Joe Heck and other Nevada Republicans, are you sure you are representing Nevada veterans?