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North Carolinians Deeply Concerned with Senator Burr’s Support for Donald Trump

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The dust is clearing since the coronation of Donald Trump on Tuesday night as the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party and candidates have been forced to say where they stand.

While politicians like Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska have shown true leadership and integrity by rejecting Trump’s divisive and hateful rhetoric, Senator Richard Burr showed his true colors yesterday by saying, “I look forward to working with Mr. Trump.”

So let’s be clear about what Senator Burr is saying.

Burr looks forward to working with Donald Trump, who labeled Mexicans as criminals and rapists, says he will tear apart millions of hardworking immigrant families, build a wall along the southern border, and ban on all Muslims from entering the United States.

Senator Burr’s vision for North Carolina and the United States is one where it is okay to incite violence, attack women, embrace white supremacy groups, and sow hate and division.

Public Policy Polling found back in March that Donald Trump might make life hard for Burr. Their polling showed that Burr’s support Trump would make voters 26 points less likely to vote for him.

“While Senator Burr looks forward to working with Trump, most North Carolinians are deeply concerned with Trump’s extreme agenda and expect our elected officials to show leadership and moral fiber by standing up to hate and defending the dignity and rights of all people,” said Timothy Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “Senator Burr may want to turn back the clock, but here in North Carolina we are working hard to build a better future for all.”