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New TikTok Campaign to Deconstruct GOP Political Ads

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Washington, DC – With the 2022 midterms in full swing, America’s Voice’s ongoing ad tracking project has already identified thousands of paid communications supporting Republican campaigns that push a range of disinformation, racist dog-whistles, and dangerous conspiracy theories. The ads attack Democrats for “open borders” when the borders are not open. They blame migrants for fentanyl-induced overdose deaths when fentanyl is not an immigration issue. Others echo deadly white nationalist conspiracies that absurdly claim there is an “invasion” at the border.  

To help combat the corrosive effect of this strategic racism, America’s Voice launched a new multi-lingual campaign on TikTok to break down the harmful and false narratives in the GOP campaign commercials. Releasing short videos at least twice a week on the platform from now until the election, America’s Voice will deconstruct the latest political ads in marquee battleground races from across the country. The TikTok breakdowns will vary, providing content in English, Spanish, and Korean to expose lies, disrupt false narratives, and educate a broader range of the American electorate about the extremism the GOP has embraced this cycle.