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New Report Details Troubling Extremism of Arizona GOP Candidates, Including Use of White Nationalist Conspiracies 

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Arizona Republicans have been engaged in a race to the bottom over who can be more extreme, anti-democratic and anti-immigrant.

Washington, DC – A new report and analysis from America’s Voice highlights that Arizona Republicans chose a slate of far-right conspiracy theorists in their primary elections this week, including many who made white nationalist conspiracy theories and attacks on democracy the anchor for their electoral message.  

As the report details, almost all the winning GOP candidates embraced:

“the white nationalist lie that when non-white migrants make an asylum claim at the border it constitutes an “invasion” aimed at “replacing” white people in America. They go on to claim this “invasion” needs to be repelled with state-controlled military intervention. Now, Arizona Republicans are looking to further normalize this fiction. They ignore the fact that “invasion” rhetoric and “replacement theory” are conspiracy that have inspired multiple terrorist attacks. Many of these same candidates promote the lie that President Trump won Arizona in 2020 and was reelected President.”

The report details specific examples and links for Arizona Republican candidates’ use and promotion of “replacement” and “invasion” language and other reminders of their extremism.  Candidates featured in the report include Senate candidate Blake Masters, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem, Attorney General candidate Abraham Hamadeh, and specific U.S. House and state legislature candidates.

On the three year anniversary of the El Paso mass-murders, committed by a white supremacist citing “invasion” language, the report offers a reminder about the dangers of continued use and mainstreaming of such vile falsehoods and how Arizona GOP candidates are courting the potential of more violence from supporters.

According to Zachary Mueller, Political Director for America’s Voice:

“Arizona Republicans have been engaged in a race to the bottom over who can be more extreme, anti-democratic and anti-immigrant. But the zealous competition for a radicalized MAGA base may backfire for Republicans as general election voters are exposed to their extremism and open embrace of white nationalist conspiracies. Regardless of how the races and candidates featured in this report turn out this cycle, we already know that the strategic racism and dehumanizing rhetoric driving these Republican campaigns threatens to encourage more mass political violence.”