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New Battleground Polling: Three-in-Four Voters Support Citizenship for Dreamers & Undocumented, Despite GOP Nativism and Extremism

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NILC Immigrant Justice Fund poll underscores Americans’ enduring support for a path to citizenship despite GOP’s relentless nativism

Washington, DC – Despite Republicans’ relentless nativism, falsehoods, conspiracy theories and attempts to divide voters over the issue of immigration, Americans remain consistent and enduring in their overwhelming support for citizenship for Dreamers and other long-settled undocumented immigrants, as new Senate battleground polling reminds us. This is important to consider as the Congress and the President face immediate deadlines to protect long-settled immigrants whose DACA and TPS statuses are in grave danger of expiring.

Conducted by Hart Research Associates on behalf of NILC Immigrant Justice Fund, new Senate battleground polling of likely voters in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin includes the findings:

  • 74% of likely voters said they would more likely support a candidate who favors providing a pathway to citizenship to Dreamers. With DACA imperiled due to a GOP-led lawsuit, the poll found overwhelming voter support for a legislative solution for Dreamers. The overall 74-18% support for citizenship over deportation includes support for citizenship from 78% of independent voters, 84% of moderates, 76% of undecided “persuadable” voters and an overwhelming 84-9% margin among Latino voters. 
  • 73% of likely voters support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the U.S. if certain requirements are met, including background checks. The overwhelming support for citizenship includes 75% of independent voters, 83% of moderates, 76% of undecided “persuadable” voters and an overwhelming 82-15% margin among Latino voters. 

The three-in-four support for citizenship in the NILC Immigrant Justice Fund battleground polling is remarkably consistent with numerous other polls over the years.

New Gallup polling describes immigration as a “third-tier” issue in this year’s midterms, eclipsed by the economy, abortion and crime by most voters, so it is unclear how Tuesday’s results will be interpreted with regards to immigration. However, the clear consensus behind support for legal status for long-settled immigrants should send a clear message to lawmakers who need to secure status for Dreamers and TPS holders this year before almost a million immigrants lose status that has allowed them to live and work legally in the U.S.    

According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice:

“Despite the relentless Republican nativism on display during the midterms and for the past several years, Americans’ support for citizenship for Dreamers and other longtime residents remains an enduring point of consensus. What often looks like a divisive wedge issue is actually a set of policies on which the vast majority of Americans agree. While Republicans want to politicize and polarize on immigration, American voters want solutions. This is true in poll after poll, year after year, and even in battleground Senate states where most every other issue reveals a sharp partisan divide. 

The public wants common sense solutions to immigration and wants Congress to finally deliver on a long-overdue legislative solution for Dreamers and other immigrant populations living, working and contributing to our shared prosperity in America.”