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Kyl to Immigration Reform: Drop Dead

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Arizona Senator, Representing a State in Desperate Need of Immigration Reform,
Says His Party Will Block Immigration Reform in 2010 Even Though the Legislation is Modeled on His Own 2007 Bill

Washington, DC – Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) made a remarkable statement today.  In front a crowd of 350 in Yuma, Arizona, and according to the Yuma Sun, this is what he said:

“…our strategy on health care included taking as long as we possibly could so the American people could clearly understand (it).. and it took a year for it to get done,” Kyl said, adding they will do their best to slow up any other bills, like immigration reform, in the same manner.

“My guess is (immigration reform) won’t have the votes to pass, but political promises have been made to key constituency of the party that is in power. Republicans will use the opportunity to filibuster…”

That the “Party of No” would promise to block progress on a pressing national priority is not much of a surprise these days. 

But according to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “what is remarkable is that a Senator from a border state where illegal immigration is one of the top issues would proudly proclaim that stopping a bipartisan initiative supported by the President is more important than solving one of his state’s key problems.  What’s more, Kyl is poised to oppose legislation that has the same basic elements that he championed in the Senate in 2007.  Those looking for proof that scoring political points trumps leadership for Republicans in Congress need look no further.  Those looking for profiles in courage, well…”

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