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Kris Kobach – Hazleton Ruling More Proof You Can Fail at Immigrant-Bashing But Get Rich Trying

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“Lawyer to the Nativist Stars” Kobach Costs Taxpayers Millions

Washington, DC – Pop quiz: what does the recently overturned anti-immigration statute in Hazleton, PA have in common with Arizona’s notorious “papers please” immigration law, SB 1070?  Well, yes, both are fundamentally un-American breaches of common sense that put federal immigration responsibilities into state and local hands, instead of demanding a national solution.  And yes, judicial rulings struck down major portions of both initiatives.  But did you know that both policies can be traced directly back to one man – Kansas Secretary of State candidate and lawyer to the nativist stars, Kris Kobach?  And that while Kobach helps saddle states and communities with horrific laws that are expensive to defend in court, he makes a financial killing for himself in the process?

Currently the Republican nominee for Kansas Secretary of State, Kobach “has run up over $6.6 million in legal fees that small communities are responsible for paying,” according to a recent Media Matters Action Network investigation.  Of course, this is separate from the revenue states and communities lose from plummeting tourism due to anti-immigrant laws, and additional expenses associated with defending the measures.

“If it’s not bad enough that states and communities who have had the displeasure of working with Kobach become beacons of intolerance and laboratories of counterproductive public policy, they are also left holding a trail of legal receipts that stretches directly into Kobach’s back pocket.  At a time when local budgets are strapped for cash, following Kobach’s advice is not only dangerous but downright expensive,” said Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice.  

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