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ICYMI: Gabe Ortíz: “Violent White Nationalist Group To Travel To GOP Convention In Support Of Trump”

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Following is a blog post written by Gabe Ortíz of America’s Voice:

White nationalists and skinheads who were recently involved in brutal stabbings in California will travel to next month’s GOP convention in support of Donald Trump, McClatchy reported:

A group of white nationalists and skinheads who held a rally in Sacramento over the weekend where at least five people were stabbed plans to show up at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month to “make sure that the Donald Trump supporters are defended.”

Traditionalist Worker Party spokesman Matt Parrott said “You’re going to have a relatively civil event,” although “there might be a couple of isolated skirmishes.”

History, though, shows that this white nationalist group has a violent and dangerous history. Members of the Traditionalist Worker Party, along with the Golden State Skinheads, held a chaotic rally in Sacramento, California last weekend where at least five people were stabbed and another five were injured.

In March, Traditionalist Worker Party leader Matthew Heimbach was caught on video shoving a Black woman at a Trump rally in Kentucky. College student Shiya Nwanguma said she was called “a n—-r and a c–t” by the white male mob that joined Heimbach in attacking her.  That incident, along with so many others, is documented on our Trump Hate Map.

According to NBC News, Heimbach once “led his ‘White Student Union’ on crime patrols that targeted black people” as a student at Towson University three years ago.

This support from white nationalists and skinheads is just the latest in a disturbing pattern for the Donald Trump campaign, who now view the candidate as their “standard-bearer,” capable of delivering “the appearance of legitimacy to a moral vision once confined to the fevered fringe.”

Last month, the Trump campaign was caught selecting a prominent white nationalist as a campaign delegate from California. In late April, Trump received the endorsement of a Virginia-based leader of the Ku Klux Klan, who said, “The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes in, we believe in.”

As Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, recently stated, “We should not lose our collective shock or outrage that the leading contender for the Republican nomination is a magnet for KKK leaders who are rallying behind his vision for America.”

We’ve been documenting a long history of hateful attacks on Latinos, immigrants, and other groups at the hands of Donald Trump’s supporters here, and at our new website, “Republican Nativist Convention,” we’re tracking Republican candidates who, by endorsing Trump or saying they will vote for “the Republican nominee” in November, now also own his hateful vision of America.