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Donald Trump’s $2M Colorado Ad Buy Won’t Cover Up His Racism

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Bad News for Donald Trump: Latinos Will Decide Colorado Election

Today, it was announced that Donald Trump is spending an additional 2 million dollars in advertising in Colorado, a traditional battleground state, in attempts to reclaim lost ground. Unfortunately for Trump, the Latino electorate has always played a vital role in deciding Colorado, and in a high stakes cycle with narrowing polls, the Colorado Latino electorate has immense, deciding power this election.

In 2012, President Obama won Colorado by just over 100,000 votes. In 2016, the Latino eligible voter population is estimated to be 555,000 – nearly 15% of the total electorate. According to an August Latino Decisions poll of Colorado Latino voters, 81% of Latinos find Trump to be “totally unfavorable,” and, in a head-to-head matchup, Clinton is leading Trump 72%-17%. Donald Trump’s campaign has not only ignored the Latino voters, but it has outright rejected them by offending and attacking them.

“We have bad news for Trump – Colorado Latinos will help to decide the 2016 election, and no amount of money or advertisements will make us forget his racist rhetoric or his vision of America. We are activated and ready to fight back at the polls this November,” said Alvina Vasquez, State Director of Colorado’s Voice.