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Donald Trump and Senator Burr Are In Lockstep On Immigration

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On Wednesday night, Donald Trump gave an incendiary speech in Phoenix, Arizona that has been condemned as unabashedly anti-immigrant and xenophobic; the most extreme position on immigration ever espoused by a candidate for the presidency. And Senator Burr continues to stand with him and his record shows they are in lockstep on immigration.

Senator Burr voted against bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform in 2013 and has rejected all efforts to legalize undocumented immigrants.

Donald Trump said that he would deport DREAMers and the parents of U.S. citizens. Senator Burr has voted to end DACA and DAPA which protect DREAMers and parents from deportation.

On refugees from Syria and other countries, Donald Trump spoke of an ideological test, extreme vetting, and a ban. Senator Burr has repeatedly supported Trump’s ban.

Trump’s vitriol and Senator Burr’s many years of voting to deport all undocumented immigrants go against polling that shows the vast majority of Americans support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented people and oppose his border wall and mass deportation plan. This isn’t even a partisan issue. 76% of Republicans support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

“We all know that Donald Trump is extreme, but Senator Burr is extreme too,” said Tim Eakins, Director of North Carolina’s Voice. “We are not fooled by Burr’s low profile. His voting record is in lockstep with Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Whether it be his vote against immigration reform, DACA, DAPA or his support for a ban on refugees, Senator Burr has put Trump’s rhetoric into practice. It’s time for the media to stop focusing on the fact that Burr doesn’t wear socks and start challenging him on his disturbing positions that are out of step with our values and demean our great country.”