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Dobbs Departure from CNN: Politicians Need to Solve an Important Issue that Dobbs Merely Exploited

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CNN’s controversial primetime anchor, Lou Dobbs, aired his final broadcast last night. CNN announced that he would be replaced by White House correspondent John King beginning early in 2010. This change came about after hundreds of thousands of people pressured CNN to put a stop to Dobbs’ biased coverage on immigration and Latinos.

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“CNN executives saw their ratings shrink, advertising dollars dry up, and the integrity of their journalism impugned due to the vitriol spewed by Dobbs. These same executives seem to now be aware that there is a growing impatience in America for solving problems responsibly and not just shouting about them.  They also must be aware of the growing power of Latinos and other Americans who are tired of the Dobbs tirade.

“For too long, politicians have let propagandists like Lou Dobbs define the immigration debate in America. Members of Congress should take notice that Dobbs’ brand of demagoguery has failed to win them elections, stopped progress on real issues, and tarnished many of their reputations with millions of new constituents.

“The vast majority of Americans want Congress to deliver comprehensive immigration reform. The tide is changing on this issue and the Dobbs departure reflects that. Today, top law enforcement and religious leaders are calling for reform, mainstream economists think it is the right thing to do, and political experts are warning of the long-term dangers of ceaseless anti-immigrant campaigning.

“Dobbs’ departure from CNN is an important step towards clearing the way to an honest immigration debate in our country.  It is now up to Congress to seize this moment and fix our broken immigration system by delivering real, workable and comprehensive immigration reform.” 

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