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Dobbs Ad to Air in Markets across the U.S.

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Online Donations Fund Ad to Hold CNN Accountable for Lou Dobbs

Today, America’s Voice and Media Matters secured broadcast time to air their “Drop Dobbs” ad in several media markets across the country. The ad buy, scheduled to being Thursday, October 29th, challenges CNN for providing Lou Dobbs with a prestigious platform to practice his unique brand of dog whistle demagoguery.  The initial plan was to air the ad during the Latino in America CNN special last week. Unfortunately, CNN refused to air the ad without giving a specific reason.  
The ad, which can be seen here, is funded by thousands of online donations from Americans fed up with CNN’s coddling of a primetime anchor notorious for demonizing immigrants and distorting the immigration debate. The ad will air during the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC starting this Thursday in several markets through a cable television buy.
According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, “It seems that CNN’s President Jonathan Klein actually believes CNN can perform a sleight of hand and no one will notice: court Latinos with one hand, while spreading misinformation and vilifying them with the other. They can’t.  The shadow cast by Dobbs undermines the network’s credibility every day he remains on the air.  Now it’s up to CNN to choose between standing up for Dobbs or living up to its slogan as ‘the most trusted name in news.’”  

For more information on the controversy surrounding Dobbs and CNN, please visit: www.AmericasVoiceOnline.org and www.DropDobbs.com.

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