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Despite GOP Relentless Nativism: Durable Pro-Immigrant Sentiment Seen in New Massive Sample Midterm Election Voter Poll

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Find Midterm Election Voter Poll Online in Interactive Website HERE

 Washington, DC – Released this afternoon, the 2022 Midterm Election Voter Poll surveyed more than 12,200 Americans who actually voted in the 2022 elections and included a large sample of Latino and African-American voters. These results yield rich insights into the decision making of people who cast votes in the election up to and including today.

The poll – which is fully available online here – gauged voter sentiment on a range of issues, including a series of relevant immigration questions highlighted below. While the main issues driving this election are the related to the economy and inflation, the findings on immigration offer a reminder that Americans’ support for immigrants and immigration remains strong despite the relentless Republican nativism deployed throughout the midterms. Among the key immigration poll findings:

  • 68-32% support for Dreamers. Described as, “Passing a law right after the election to provide permanent legal status to DACA recipients and Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who were brought to the country as children but raised in the U.S.” Support for Dreamers was 82-18% among Latino voters.
  • 63-37% support for legal status and citizenship for undocumented immigrants. Described as, “Creating permanent legal status and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.” Support was 77-23% among Latino voters.
  • 57-43% support for a balanced approach to immigration policy instead of the “enforcement and border-first” approach: Voters were asked to choose between two policy options: “Our immigration policy should focus on enforcement and border security first, including deporting those here illegally, cracking down on abuse of our asylum laws, and finishing the border wall” versus “Our immigration policy should focus on a healthy, growing economy for us all. We need a humane, orderly, and functional immigration system that removes unnecessary barriers for working people who want to contribute, establishes a path to citizenship for hardworking immigrants, and ensures a safe and orderly border.” Overall voters supported the latter, balanced approach by a 57-43% margin and Latino voters supported the balanced approach by a 71-29% margin.
  • By a 60-40% margin, voters support candidates who favor access to asylum: Respondents were asked if they preferred backing “Candidate A, who favors allowing people to legally request asylum at the southern border” or “Candidate B, who opposes allowing people to legally request asylum at the southern border.” Overall, respondents preferred Candidate A by a 60-40% margin including a 69-31% margin among Latino voters.
  • 57% express worry that “extreme Republicans and white nationalists are promoting hate and attacks against minorities and immigrants.” The poll also tested respondents’ level of worry on a series of subjects. On “Extreme Republicans and white nationalists are promoting hate and attacks against minorities and immigrants” 57% of respondents were worried (37% “very worried” and 20% “worried”) vs. just 33% who were not worried. Latino voters expressed worry by a 67-26% margin, with 44% saying “very worried.”

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director for America’s Voice:

“Despite Republicans’ relentless nativism during the midterms, Americans remain steadfast in their support for immigration and immigrants and their desire for practical solutions instead of political stunts and fear-mongering. The new midterm polling findings underscore that Americans’ beliefs and preferences on immigration policy are a point of consensus outside the hardcore, MAGA base and that a majority of voters, particularly voters of color, are worried about the GOP’s embrace of extreme and hateful rhetoric. Voters are hungry for common sense solutions when it comes to immigration and Democrats and Republicans should heed their call. ”