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Calls for Balanced and Sensible Immigration Reform Increases Across the Political Landscape

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Washington, DC – More key voices from across the political spectrum are calling on Congress to deliver on a bipartisan legislative breakthrough on immigration this year that addresses the need to prevent an economic and social tragedy brought on by Republican efforts to kill the DACA program while blocking broader immigration reform measures already passed by the House. Among the key voices:

  • Washington Post editorial board endorses framework of Sinema-Tillis blueprint, while cautioning against measures that would trample on asylum law, noting: “…The administration should seek other ways for migrants to make their U.S. asylum claims without making the perilous trek to the border, including at embassies and consulates in Central America and South America. That would require a major diplomatic push from the State Department, which is not currently in evidence. Less welcome would be an additional, draconian step apparently under consideration, and recently leaked to media outlets, that would effectively end the asylum system as it exists.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Less welcome would be an additional, draconian step apparently under consideration, and recently leaked to media outlets, that would effectively end the asylum system as it exists. The measure would revive some form of what the Trump administration dubbed a “transit ban,” which forbade some Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the United States unless they had already applied and been refused refuge in another country. Such a move would be at odds with U.S. treaty obligations, law and tradition and is opposed by cooler heads in the administration. While comprehensive immigration reform seems out of reach in the current political and legislative environment, there is an imperfect short- and medium-term solution to the coming surge in migration. That is to combine tougher border enforcement with expanded avenues for migrants to enter the country legally.”
  • Wall Street Journal editorial, “A Rare Opening for Immigration Compromise”: “[H]as the current immigration gridlock helped anyone other than these political extremes? It doesn’t help border security… And it doesn’t show the American public that the federal government can solve the problem. We haven’t seen all the details of the compromise, and the bill would be better with a few additions … But after so much political stalemate and failure, even a small bill would be progress and build public confidence that Washington can address the growing migrant mess. The compromise’s sponsors believe it could gain the 60 votes to pass the Senate, and both parties can help the country by seizing the moment.”
  • Conservative Washington Post syndicated columnist Henry Olsen, “Republicans should be willing to make a deal on immigration,” noting, “…Hard-liners should factor that into their calculations and ask themselves whether making a deal today would increase the chances of cooperation tomorrow. Cutting deals likely doesn’t satisfy anyone’s romantic notions of politics. Nevertheless, it is a necessary fact of politics, and conservatives should channel their inner Reagan as they decide how to approach healing our long-standing divide on immigration.”
  • Charlotte Observer op-ed, “Former Elon, Davidson presidents: Congress must act on DACA before year’s end.” An op-ed in the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer by higher ed leaders Leo Lambert and Carol Quillen notes, “Excuses for inaction and delay aren’t useful. DACA is endangered now and the opportunity for a bipartisan breakthrough is primed for this year. U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis has long called for a bipartisan fix for DACA and Dreamers and is reportedly working on a bill that would do just that, while retiring Sen. Richard Burr could ensure his legacy includes forging a deal that delivers on the public’s wishes. We’re ready for a bipartisan legislative solution for DACA recipients and Dreamers to ensure they can continue to stay and succeed in North Carolina and America. Our state’s delegation should help ensure that this year, it finally gets done.”
  • House New Democrat Coalition: “Stakes Are Too High for Inaction”: As The Hill covers, “Members of the New Democrat Coalition (NDC) called for Congress to pass legislation protecting Dreamers before the end of the lame-duck session at the end of this month, describing the immigration reform as an ‘urgent action’ for legislators. NDC Chair Suzan DelBene (D-Wash.) released a statement on Wednesday along with immigration task force chairs Salud Carbajal (Calif.) and Greg Stanton (Ariz.), pushing to carve out a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers by the end of the year. ‘The stakes are too high for inaction,’ the lawmakers wrote. ‘As their fate hangs in the balance, we are committed to working with our colleagues in the House and Senate to pass bipartisan legislation before the end of the year that gives Dreamers the stability and security they’ve been waiting for and that they deserve.'”

According to Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice:

“It’s time to stop politicking and legislate. There’s an opportunity at hand to deliver a long-awaited legislative breakthrough this year on immigration – to finally recognize Dreamers as the Americans they already are and to ensure that policy reforms on asylum and the border nonetheless maintain our proudest traditions as a welcoming nation, where vulnerable people have the opportunity to have their asylum claims heard and evaluated accurately in a U.S. court of law in a timely manner.”

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