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America’s Voice Recaps Growing Pushback Against Destructive DeSantis’ Immigration Bill

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Washington, DC – A new blog from America’s Voice highlights some of the growing pushback against Florida’s new state anti-immigration bill, pushed through by Governor Ron DeSantis. Yesterday, across the state, affected community members, businesses, working men and women and their families and others held a day of action and protest, highlighting how S.B. 1718 threatens to harm Florida’s economy and key sectors, while targeting the immigrant community. 

According to Mario Carrillo, Campaigns Manager for America’s Voice:

“Ron DeSantis apparently thinks the smart political thing to do for his GOP primary campaign is to ruin his state’s economy and turn his back on Florida’s proud tradition as an immigrant-friendly state. 

What we’re seeing in Florida after the passage of ugly anti-immigrant legislation is a reminder of the costs and consequences of policies built on hatred. Even in advance of the laws going into full effect, the state is seeing worker shortfalls and industry concerns in key sectors such as agriculture and construction. We stand with the immigrant community, the business owners, and the other organizers and allies who offered a reminder yesterday that Florida is better than its anti-immigrant law or governor.”

Read a new America’s Voice blog recap of yesterday’s day of action across Florida, filled with images and examples of the growing pushback. Some key excerpts are below.

“As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis traipses around the country touting his plan to make the rest of America more like Florida, there’s trouble brewing back home. Backlash over the anti-immigrant law signed by DeSantis has continued on, with thousands across six cities taking part in a ‘Un Día Sin Inmigrantes,’ or ‘A day without immigrants,’ action on Thursday.

…Many businesses also closed in solidarity with workers. ‘I’m trying to support all of the immigrant people,’ Victor Prado, general manager of West Palm Beach’s El Mariachi restaurant, told the Tallahassee Democrat. ‘They come to this country to get a better life. We left everyone in our country to come to this beautiful country to live better.’ 

…The protests on Thursday followed another massive rally organized by We Count! last weekend. ‘Thousands of people — many of whom work in agriculture, construction, landscaping & domestic work—protested in Homestead Saturday evening against Florida’s new immigration law, SB 1718,’ tweeted WLRN reporter Verónica Soledad Zaragovia. But despite its dire implications for Florida’s communities and economy, S.B. 1718 was passed by Republican lawmakers as part of DeSantis’ 2024 presidential aspirations.

‘We’re here, and we’re not going anywhere,’ workers chanted on Saturday. ‘There is no Florida without us.’

We’ve previously noted the headlines warning of empty fields and unfinished buildings, a drumbeat that continued on during this past week. ‘Not yet in effect, but Florida’s new immigration law already being felt,’ CBS News Miami reported on Monday.

…Good luck with that Florida. Your Governor has done his part. He’s ready to move on to take his slash-and-burn divisive politics to the rest of the country.”