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America’s Voice Applauds TPS Designation for Sudan and TPS Extension and Redesignation for South Sudan

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New and extended protections for Sudan and South Sudan will give protection to over 7,000 migrants

WASHINGTON D.C.- Today, Secretary Mayorkas and the Department of Homeland Security announced a new Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation for Sudan and a TPS extension and redesignation for South Sudan.

According to Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication from America’s Voice: 

We welcome the news from Secretary Mayorkas of the new TPS designation and redesignations for Sudan and South Sudan. These protections will allow more Sudanese and South Sudanese families to remain together in safety, living and working in America. 

It is encouraging that the Biden Administration is recognizing the need for progress on immigration through executive action. President Biden has the power to use his own authority to provide TPS protections to those who are unable to return to dangerous in-country conditions around the world. We call on President Biden to build on today’s announcement by using executive action to grant TPS designations to other countries facing internal conflict and displacement.


The recent military takeover of Sudan’s government has led to violence, political instability, and human rights abuses, occurring alongside floods and food and water shortages. 

In South Sudan, continued armed conflict between the government and other armed forces has also led to instability and food scarcity. Conditions in both countries have led to internal displacement and have prevented individuals from safely returning to their countries. 

These new designations and extensions provide protections to more than 7,000 migrants from Sudan and South Sudan. South Sudan has not been redesignated since 2016, and the previous protection cut off date for Sudan was 2013. This new designation extends protections to individuals who arrived in the U.S. since then.