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Ads Target Foundation for the Carolinas Funding of Anti-Immigration Hate Groups

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The Foundation for the Carolinas has donated more than $11 million to two anti-immigration advocacy groups designated as hate groups. According to their own records, this $11 million donation happened between 2014 and 2017 to the Washington-based Center for Immigration Studies and the Washington-based Federation for American Immigration Reform, both of which are considered hate groups with strong ties to white nationalism.

Now, the pro-immigrant advocacy organization America’s Voice is calling the Foundation out. In a series of Facebook ads targeting North Carolina, America’s Voice calls on the Foundation and its Board of Directors to cease funding the controversial hate groups which were each founded by the same American eugenicist and have played an instrumental role in mainstreaming anti-immigration policies and the hateful rhetoric of President Trump, his allies and followers.

The two ads began this week on Facebook and will run for at least another week:

Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice said:

You can draw a straight line from the kind  of hate-filled rhetoric and policies of these groups and the rhetoric and actions of the President and some of his most ardent and well-armed followers. As the President is talking about shooting immigrants, fixing bayonets or erecting barriers to harm them, the groups that have been stoking hate and fueling anti-immigration policies for years are getting millions from the Foundation for the Carolinas and we think the people of North Carolina need to know. We have to fight against hate and those funding it. The Foundation must denounce these groups’ actions and stop funding their hate-filled agenda.”