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#30: Your Quick Summary Of the Week From America’s Voice

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Borderland communities are on alert, due to the right-wing Take Our Border Back rallies scheduled for this week in Arizona, California, and Texas. America’s Voice noted that this contingent of Proud Boys, neo-Nazis, and assorted bigots is being fueled by the actions of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has been maneuvering the state into a standoff with the federal government. We noted that extremism experts have been increasingly alarmed by the rhetoric and planning currently underway by some of the same violent entities that attacked the U.S. Capitol on January 6, and how they are responding to Gov. Abbott. “Elected leaders shouldn’t repeat the mistakes that led us to January 6, 2021,” said Executive Director Vanessa Cárdenas. “In late 2020, many observers downplayed the potential for violence in DC, but now we must pay very close attention to what is happening with the types of groups that are gathering in Texas.” These concerns continued to be raised during a Thursday press call featuring Representatives Joaquin Castro (TX-20), Jamie Raskin (MD-08), Veronica Escobar (TX-16), and Greg Casar (TX-35), and experts Heidi Beirich of the Global Project Against Hate and Extremism, Devin Burghart of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, and Freddy Cruz of the Western States Center. “I joined today’s call — not as a Democrat or as a politician, but as someone who cares about the safety and security of people in Texas and border communities — to ask those who are stoking fear, resentment, and hate to stop,” Rep. Castro said. Already, one Take Back Our Border rally featured rhetoric claiming a Jewish American organization that aids refugees is “funding” the supposed “invasion.” This antisemetic lie has already been tied to past domestic terror events. Cárdenas: “The ingredients of a potentially violent weekend are coming together and we want to make sure people – including state, local and federal authorities – are taking these threats seriously.” The press event was highlighted by outlets including the San Antonio Express News, the San Antonio CurrentWired, and in Spanish at El UniversalRead more here.


The House Oversight Committee moved articles of impeachment forward to remove Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, and it will now proceed with a House floor vote next week. The margins are so thin that the outcome is not certain, and unlike a presidential impeachment, the Senate is not required to hold a trial if the House impeaches. House Democrats appear to be holding strong against and at least two or three GOP ‘no’ votes are possible. The criticism of the process, the politics, and the substance has come from all sides: including former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, Trump ally Johnathan Turley, the Wall Street Journal editorial pageCuban American leadersmajor Jewish groups, among many examples. At AV, we joined nearly two dozen Latino-led groups in a letter urging against this sham impeachment effort, as well as highlighted the dangerous reliance on antisemitic, white nationalist conspiracy theories related to “replacement” and “invasion,” making the case that the Homeland Security Committee is undermining the security of the homeland by advancing this sham impeachment and it is part of a broader effort by Republicans to politicize the issue and block solutions. “Instead of serious efforts to resolve and address 21st-century migration issues and the border, the GOP is compelled to block solutions and perpetuate chaos,” said Cárdenas. “Their goal is simply to hammer a relentless political message. The result is both cynical and dangerous. Stoking right-wing and nativist paranoia and mainstreaming white nationalist conspiracy theories about invasions and the need to take up arms will get Americans killed and already has in places like El Paso, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh.” Read more here.


The Virginia General Assembly recognized the contributions of the commonwealth’s nearly 55,000 domestic workers, introducing a resolution praising the often overlooked labor of the nannies, housekeepers, and home care workers who help make all other work possible. The resolution also seeks to establish an annual “Domestic Workers Day” every June. A number of domestic workers were at the General Assembly that day and were met by a standing ovation by lawmakers. “This sector, a vital component of our economy, is unfortunately undervalued and susceptible to abuse,” said Delegate Candi Mundon King, who called herself a “proud” descendent of a domestic worker. “Notably dominated by women of color, particularly immigrants, domestic workers face a stark reality. But thanks to many members in this body, their future is looking brighter every day.” Since helping push through the Virginia Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in 2021 – which closed a decades-old loophole that excluded these workers from basic workplace protections – domestic workers and advocates have continued to urge the passage of a federal version of the legislation. “Many times, our work is undervalued,” said Marjorie Majorenos, a nanny and member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. “We must raise our voices to bring about positive action.” Read more here.


DACA recipients help keep Social Security and Medicare solvent, contributing nearly $2.1 billion   to the programs every year, the Center for American Progress said in new research. “In addition, their employers contributed more than $1.6 billion in payroll taxes toward Social Security and Medicare on these DACA recipients’ behalf.” But despite their significant contributions, DACA recipients are ineligible for either program due to their immigration status. We need to honor Dreamers’ contributions to this nation. Click here to share our tweet and show your support for a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients.


Recent data from New York’s Immigration Research Initiative continues to underscore how expanding work authorization programs for newly arrived migrants and asylum seekers can both address labor shortages and bolster the state’s economy. During a recent press event, researchers and advocates from the Immigration Research Initiative, New York Immigration Coalition, and Immigrant ARC discussed data estimating that New York stands to gain $2.6 million in state and local tax revenue “per 1,000 migrant workers within their first year.” Elected leaders in New York, recognizing the potential of this workforce and the thousands of open jobs within state agencies alone, have recently taken steps that could speed up the hiring process for both qualified migrants and New Yorkers. “This new data confirms that communities who embrace immigrants benefit from billions of dollars in economic activity and a stronger workforce,” said New York Immigration Coalition Executive Director Murad Awawdeh. “Removing barriers to work will help new arrivals live their American dream and grow our regional economies. City and state leaders will miss the opportunity to give our economy a much-needed boost if they do not prioritize critical investments in integration supports like immigration legal services and funding and expanding housing voucher eligibility so all New Yorkers can power our state into the future and thrive.” Read more here.

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