In a time of uncertainty and hardship, America is relying on our essential workers to keep our country fed, healthy, and safe. Sadly, thousands of workers in these industries face uncertain futures as their immigration status remains in jeopardy. The loss of legal status would not only put many at risk of deportation, it would also create a significant gap in our workforce as many lose work authorization at a time when America desperately needs economic stability. 

The Heroes Act protects DACA recipients, TPS holders, and other immigrants in essential industries from losing work authorization or facing deportation by providing automatic renewals of work permits and creating new temporary statuses for those who qualify. It is essential that this landmark piece of legislation passes the Senate to protect immigrant workers and America as a whole. 

Below are a series of talking points, resources, graphics, and social media posts that can be used to further the education and understanding of the vital role immigrants are playing in America’s recovery and the importance of protecting them with legislation of this nature. 


  • The Heroes Act focuses on the safety and support of the American people, including the essential role frontline workers play in keeping us safe, fed, and moving forward to recovery. 
  • All DACA recipients and TPS holders should receive automatic status and work permit renewals so that they and their families can have stability during this time of uncertainty and hardship.  Families should not be facing deportation and family separations in the middle of a pandemic. 
  • All essential workers, regardless of current immigration status, should be extended a form of legal protection to ensure economic stability and continuity for the industries that rely on them.
  • Every person in America, and especially those in essential industries, should have access to treatment and testing, regardless of immigration status. 
  • The bill includes support for tax-paying citizens and mixed-status families throughout America, many of whom are doing their part and risking their lives every day to provide basic comforts and necessities throughout the crisis. 



There are {X} number of DACA holders in essential occupations in [home state], and we cannot afford to let a single one fall out of status and stop working. This is one of the many reasons why I support the #HeroesAct. [Accompany with screenshot of map with home state] https://bit.ly/3dWHOBJ 


The Supreme Court’s decision on DACA is expected any day now. If the Court allows the program to end, 6,000 recipients will be vulnerable to deportation and lose their work permits each week. Congress must pass the #HeroesAct now in order to protect these workers at a time when we need them the most. 

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27,000 DACA recipients work in the healthcare industry, meaning they are on the frontlines every day to support Americans through the crisis. Congress must pass the #HeroesAct now to protect these workers from losing work authorization and potentially face deportation. 

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Mixed-status families, like DACA recipients with children who are U.S. citizens, have been left out of every stimulus package Congress has passed so far. The Senate must pass the #HeroesAct to ensure these families get the resources they need during the crisis. 


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TPS holders are helping to feed America. Across the country, 76,100 TPS holders are working in food-related occupations or industries. We must protect these essential workers by passing the #HeroesAct. 

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130,000 TPS workers are providing essential services during the #coronavirus crisis, including tens of thousands working in health care and food production. We need to protect these workers’ TPS status and their ability to live & work in the U.S. #HeroesAct https://youtu.be/Qi7M5H1aw8A 

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130,000 TPS holders work in essential industries. Their legal status is in jeopardy, which means many could lose work authorization and face deportation. We need to protect these workers by passing the #HeroesAct.


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Essential Immigrant Workers

Immigrant workers have been on the front lines of America’s health and economy security. The #HeroesAct ensures Dreamers, TPS holders, and other essential workers can keep the fundamentals of our economy moving and save lives. 

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America is relying on immigrants in essential industries, including the thousands of immigrant doctors on the frontlines of the pandemic every day. At a time when everyone in America is counting on each other, the #HeroesAct is an urgently needed solution that protects ALL essential workers.

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Immigrants are only 17% of America’s workforce, but they are a MAJOR proportion of our front-line, essential workers we’ve relied on throughout the pandemic. We need to pass the #HeroesAct and invest in ALL workers https://youtu.be/0FwjPz2nM8s

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Immigrants comprise 26% of workers producing life-saving medications. Their work is essential and it’s time we invested in ALL immigrant workers keeping our country afloat. This is why I support the #HeroesAct. https://youtu.be/eN57Xsj9u6g


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Immigrants are critical to keeping us fed during the pandemic. It’s time we invested in ALL essential immigrant workers in order to move from relief to recovery. I support the #HeroesAct.  https://youtu.be/l3OZu1I-LaI

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Immigrants comprise 29% of U.S. physicians, and are absolutely essential to America’s road to recovery. That is why I am supporting the #HeroesAct – so that no essential worker is left behind, regardless of immigration status https://youtu.be/uYGHWMhNBdo

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Immigrants are only 17% of America’s workforce, but they are a MAJOR proportion of our frontline workers during this pandemic. We need to pass the #HeroesAct and invest in ALL essential workers. https://youtu.be/94KONeMigfo

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Millions of immigrant farmworkers across the country are securing our food supply during the pandemic. They’ve earned and deserve more rights and better protections. Congress must pass the #HeroesAct to keep America fed and ensure no worker is left behind. 



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