These Dreamers (and young Dreamers) should have been protected from deportation. Why did Donald Trump detain them anyway?

This is why Congress needs to pass the Dream Act!
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osmanOsman Enriquez is former DACA recipient who was waiting to reapply for deportation protections, after his initial application was rejected due to postal service delays. He’s now in the currently in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Pennsylvania.

Oscar, who was picked up by ICE Monday morning after a routine traffic stop, is one of the estimated 12,000 immigrants who have lost their DACA protections since the Trump administration started winding down the program in September.

Status: Released

riccyRiccy Enriquez is a 22-year-old Kentuckian who was detained when ICE thought her DACA had expired, even though it had not. Riccy has lived in the US since she was nine years old and was picked up after she went to an immigration office to post immigration bail for a friend. ICE drew up deportation papers for her and kept her detained for a week before letting her go.

Status: Released


Felipe Abonza-Lopez is a Texas Dreamer who has active DACA status. That didn’t stop ICE from pulling him over when he was riding around with members of his family. He’s been in detention for almost a month.

Felipe has a prosthetic leg and has been struggling with pain. When he sought help for it, a guard at the detention center mocked him.

Status: Released


Rosa Maria isn’t DACAmented, but under the Dream Act, she would be put on a path to legal status and citizenship.

In October, Rosa Maria had to cross a border checkpoint on her way to the hospital for gallbladder surgery. She’s only ten, and has cerebral palsy.

Not only did Customs and Border Protection officers stop her ambulance, they went with her to the hospital and waited outside her room. As soon as she recuperated, they took her away and detained her for more than a week. Rosa Maria was unable to understand where she was or why she couldn’t go home to see her mother.

Status: Released

Daniela Vargas is a Dreamer from Mississippi who was detained in March. Originally, ICE came to her home to pick up her brother and father, but left Daniela behind.

After she spoke out about her case at a press conference, however, ICE pulled her over on her way home. “You know who we are and you know why we’re here,” they told her, before detaining her for more than two weeks. Daniela is a DACA recipient who was in the process of renewing her status at the time.

Status: Released

Daniel Ramirez Medina is a Seattle Dreamer with active DACA who was detained for more than a month after ICE came to his apartment for his father — and picked him up too.

ICE agents said that a tattoo Daniel had on his arm was a gang symbol, when it wasn’t, and refused to let Daniel go. Eventually, Daniel’s lawyers were able to bring him home.

Status: Released

Fabiola Hernandez is an Ohio mother of three US-citizen children, including one who has cerebral palsy. She has lived in the US since she was 15, which would qualify her for a bill like the Dream Act, though she was not eligible for DACA. She had been checking in with ICE since 2011, but was deported after a “silent raid” in 2017.

Status: Deported