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Research Library


Background Briefing: J.D. Hayworth: Leading the GOP Into a Political Wilderness on Immigration, February 2010

Report: The Power of the Latino Vote in the 2010 Elections: They Tipped Elections in 2008; Where Will They Be in 2010?, February 2010

Memo: Turning Conventional Wisdom on Its Head: Why Comprehensive Immigration Reform Can Win in 2010, February 2010

Report: Immigration Reform: Know the Key Players, January 2010


Report: The Anti-Worker Truth About the Anti-Imnigrant Lobby, December 2009

Report: The New Constituents: How Latino Population Growth Will Shape Congressional Apportionment After the 2010 Census, November 2009

Background Briefing: Mark Krikorian (CIS), May 2009

Background Briefing: Talk Show Host J.D. Hayworth: Republican Expert on Immigration Policy and Losing Elections, May 2009

Background Briefing: Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL): Newest Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, May 2009

Background Briefing: Representative Steve King (R-IA): Carrying the Banner for Anti-Immigrant Extremists, May 2009

Report: The Obama Opportunity on Immigration Enforcement: Redirect Priorities to Smart Enforcement, Abusive Employers, and Real Border Security, April 2009

Memo: What the 2008 Elections Mean For the Future of Immigration Reform, Updated January 2009


Report: Anti-Immigrant Ads Don’t Add Up in 2008, December 2008

Report: Republicans: Fenced In By Immigration: 20 Pro-Reform Candidates Beat Hard-Liners in 22 Battleground House and Senate Races, December 2008

Report: The Power of the Immigrant and Latino Vote in the 2008 Election, October 2008

Fact Sheet: Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Notorious Record, December 2008