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National Hispanic Voter Study on Immigration Policy - December 2009

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March 2010

Latino Voter Report 

New Nationwide Poll Highlights Immigration’s Importance to Latinos

Over the past decade, Latino voters have steadily increased their political power. They helped determine the 2008 elections and are shaping up to play a crucial role in key House and Senate races across the country in 2010. Now, Bendixen and Associates are releasing new polling data from a December 2009 survey of over 1,000 Latinos’ views and attitudes on immigration.

Questions include:

Do you know any undocumented immigrants personally; in other words, are any of your friends, family members, neighbors, or co-workers undocumented?

There are an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants from Latin America residing in the U.S. Do you think it would be best to force most of them to leave the country or do you think it would be best to give most of them a path to citizenship?