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Washington State: City Council Candidate, Loren Nichols, Wants All Immigrants “Shot at the Border”

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loren nicholsWe at America’s Voice write semi-regular Profiles in Extremism, but today’s subject really takes the cake.

According to Loren Nichols, a candidate for city council in Kennewick, Washington state, undocumented immigrants should be “shot at the border”:

If they value their lives, they would leave…

I’m a hawk on this, but that’s how much I value America.  I know that is a very drastic stand, but let me put it this way: I expect illegal invasion of our country by foreign entities to be met with deadly force.  That’s how I expect to see my country protected.

That’s Loren Nichols for you: a candidate who loves America so much he’s willing to execute innocents, women, and children for the crime of not having been born in it.

Nichols says “This is an issue that doesn’t deal with race so I hope it’s not interpreted that way.  It has to do with violation of our country.”  He has also claimed to “not promoting killing anyone,” yet when a reporter from the local CBS affiliate asked him if he was in favor of immigrants receiving the death penalty simply for being discovered as undocumented, Nichols replied, “Correct.”

Since first making headlines with his inflammatory remarks, Nichols has only doubled down on his position, granting additional interviews to promote his statements.  What he has not discussed are the details of how his plan would be implemented.

Says Nichols: “I hadn’t really thought about it yet.”

It is unstated what exactly Nichols does for a living when he’s not advocating hate crimes and running for city council, only that he “has a history of being active with the youth group of his church, school clubs and tutoring within the local public school system.”  What does he think about DREAM Act students who were unwittingly brought to the U.S. by their parents at a young age—do they deserve deadly force too? 

What about very real executions, such as the ones perpetrated in Norway less than a month ago—senseless crimes goaded on by senseless hate?  Does Nichols see any connection between hateful words and hateful actions?