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Vitter: The "Law Should Be Enforced", DREAMers: "Oh, Really?"

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Before the start of Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing today, members of United We Dream confronted Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and asked them why the GOP wants to deport DREAMers and their families.

Most Senators ducked the question, but when Washington Dream Act Coalition’s Moses Chege told Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) that he was a Dreamer, Vitter replied, “I’m a dreamer too.”  He added that he believes the “law should be enforced.”

Oh really?

The legal tool behind DACA, DAPA, and executive action is prosecutorial discretion, which is where law enforcement professionals as well as prosecutors can decide which cases they want to go after.  Vitter himself was a famous beneficiary of prosecutorial discretion, when officials declined to pursue a case against him after he admitted to illegally employing sex workers and again when the Senate Ethics Committee declined to pursue complaints against him.  But now, to the DREAMers as well as Loretta Lynch during her hearing, Vitter is all about the “rule of law.”

As Moses Chege said in a UWD press release, “Sometimes you’ve got to laugh to keep from crying about all of the hypocrisy walking around the halls of Congress.”

Watch the UWD’s Vine with Vitter below: