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Values In Action: January Brings Renewed Call for Immigration Reform by Faith Communities

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As Marcello Ballve wrote this week at True/Slant:

One of the most interesting side issues branching out of my tracking of the immigration topic is the role some evangelical Christian groups play in advocating for immigration reform, demanding what they describe as more humane and Christian immigration policies. Socially conservative evangelicals who push on this issue seem the most likely candidates to change minds around this issue within the Christian right.

While particularly notable, it’s not just the Evangelical community who are ushering in a new call for real immigration reform, either.

January has seen Catholic nuns, Methodist bishops and Islamic Shura Council directors — to name a few — speak out strongly in suppor of immigration reform. That’s alongside a pair of clergy summits attended by over a hundred faith leaders apiece, and the beginnings of an avalanche of postcards from people of faith that will arrive in Congressional offices over the next few weeks. Here are some of the biggest headlines from a month filled with communities putting their values in action.