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Univisión Anchor Jorge Ramos: "Suing Arizona Isn't Enough"

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Originally published at America’s Voice Español

Jorge Ramos says that as long as Barack Obama fails to keep his promise to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Ramos will continue to remind him about it at every opportunity.

Ramos—the journalist, author and host of Noticiero Univisión— told America’s Voice that Latinos are plagued by “disillusionment, frustration and a lack of hope” because Obama “broke his promise.” And while he acknowledged that the lack of action in Congress “is everyone’s fault,” Democrats and Republicans alike, he pointed out that Democrats have more to lose with Latino voters.

“Voters hoped that—between the president and the Democrats controlling both houses (of Congress)—something would get done about immigration. That’s why they voted for them. So I suspect that the party that will suffer more damage will be the Democrats…and that the percentage (of Latinos) voting for the Democratic Party is going to decrease. Nobody forced Barack Obama to make that promise,” he added.