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“Trump Hate Map” Continues To Expand Following Donald Trump’s Victory

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New FBI data shows a surge in hate crimes against minority groups, adding to “previous findings by researchers and outside monitors…who have noted an alarming rise in some types of crimes tied to the vitriol of this year’s presidential campaign,” noted the New York Times:

In its report on Monday, the F.B.I. cataloged a total of 5,818 hate crimes in 2015 — a rise of about 6 percent over the previous year — including assaults, bombings, threats, and property destruction against minorities, women, gays and others.

Attacks against Muslim Americans saw the biggest surge. There were 257 reports of assaults, attacks on mosques and other hate crimes against Muslims last year, a jump of about 67 percent over 2014. It was the highest total since 2001, when more than 480 attacks occurred in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

In the days immediately following Donald Trump’s election, groups have noted another dramatic increase in Trump-inspired hate. Among the horrific incidents:

  • A high school restroom in Minnesota was vandalized with “F*ck n****rs”, “F*ck all porch monkeys,” “Whites only”, and “White America” 
  • High school students in Michigan chanted “Build the wall,” drawing condemnation from the district superintendent
  • High school students in Pennsylvania yelled anti-gay slurs, called Black students “n*****rs” and “cotton pickers”, and used the Hitler salute
  • College students added Black Penn State students to a group chat called “N****r Lynching”, and included other messages like “Trump is love,” “dumb slave” and “GRAB THEM BY THE P—Y”
  • A white high school teacher in Florida was suspended after telling a group of Black students, “Don’t make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa” 
  • A substitute teacher in Los Angeles was fired after telling a young girl she had all her personal information and her parents would be deported
  • A Wellsville, New York baseball dugout was vandalized with a swastika and “MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN”
  • A Philadelphia storefront was vandalized with a swastika, pro-Trump and pro-Nazi language
  • A Black woman studying at Villanova University in Philadelphia was knocked down to the ground by a group of men chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!”
  • A Muslim-American college student was attacked walking to her car, with her assailant yanking on her hijab and nearly strangling her

We’ve continued to document many of these incidents on our Trump Hate Map, which we launched last summer following Trump’s Presidential campaign announcement in order to track Trump-inspired hate acts against Latinos, immigratnts, Muslim-Americans and other groups. We have added a new feature to the map, which allows you to submit any Trump-inspired hate acts, harassment, and vandalism you have experienced or witnessed.

Click here to see the “Trump Hate Map.”