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The Racist Right-Wing Jingle Machine and "Illegals" this Christmas

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Andrea Nill over at the Wonk Room caught this racist right-wing holiday song, “Illegals in My Yard,” set to the tune of the Christmas song, Feliz Navidad.

It goes:

Illegals in my yard. (3x)
Sixteen arrive in a stolen car[…]
They’re getting free organ transplants this Christmas.
They’re going to have anchor babies this Christmas.
They’re going to scream “sí, se puede” this Christmas. Those illegals in my yard[…]
They’re going to spread bubonic plague this Christmas.
They’re going to bring me lots of bed bugs this Christmas.
They’re going to pass tuberculosis this Christmas.

Those illegals in my yard.

It was published on the respected (by the right wing) website, Human Events, home to authors like Newt (Spanish-is-the-language-of-the-ghetto) Gingrich and Oliver North. In fact, there’s a whole list of audio shorts designed to get a chuckle from web-savvy right-wingers who think racism is a joke, and their talk radio counterparts.

Song creators Matt Fox and AJ Rice also came out with an absurdly bigoted bit in 2008 called Sasha Obama’s Big Mouth.

A narrator asks: “What happens when procreation goes horribly wrong?” They then insert audio of a Sasha Obama impersonator into that moment at the Democratic Convention when President Obama and daughter Sasha exchange hellos via teleconference. The impersonated Sasha says:

I’m going to P-Diddy’s champagne after party! Bye daddy, I love you, As-Salamu Alaykum my brother!