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We’re Watching—50,000 Petitions Delivered to Brewer’s Office, More Faxes Needed

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Yesterday, thanks to thousands of you, as well as our tireless Arizona and national partners, we delivered over 50,000 petitions to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer asking her to veto the state’s terrifying new immigration bill.

The moment called for fast action, and you responded – thank you!

The bill, SB 1070, gives police a mandate to racially profile – telling cops to interrogate and arrest anyone who simply “looks” undocumented and leaves their wallet at home. If cops refuses to comply, they risk being sued!

The Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police has come out against the bill, citing its damage to public safety and community trust, and civil rights groups are firmly against it. This is why we teamed up with our partners at Border Action Network, AltoArizona.com, Presente.org, UFW, NCLR, CREDO Action, and Reform Immigration FOR America to deliver a strong message to the Governor yesterday.

Gov. Brewer has until Saturday to either sign or veto the bill.

Please send her another message today. Let’s show Arizona that the nation is watching!

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