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Ted Cruz: Now Raising Money Off Campaign to Deport DREAMers

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If Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) runs for president in 2016, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that one of the issues he’ll he demagoguing on is immigration.

Cruz has already spent a considerable amount of time this month railing about executive action on immigration reform.  He called a press conference demanding that the President end his deferred action/DACA program, and conservatives fear that Cruz could even force a government shutdown on the issue.

Now, Cruz is fundraising money off the issue, using a new website and online video that incorrectly links DACA with the children’s crisis on the border.  “Senator Ted Cruz is leading the fight to secure the border, stop Obama’s amnesty and celebrate legal immigration,” a voiceover in the video says.  According to Right Wing Watch, Cruz’s joint fundraising committee has raised over $4 million so far in this election cycle.  At the rate he’s going, Cruz is likely to be a big headache for Republicans during the primaries, when he is sure to push the candidates’ immigration stances as far right as possible, once again setting up the party for a critical loss among Latino voters.