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What If Steve King Held An Event And No One Came (Again)

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The notorious Steve King is in the middle of leading a House “task force” on so-called “executive overreach,” with the GOP-led hearing a reaction to the President exercising his authority on immigration (which Republicans refused to take up legislatively in the first place).

Anyway, we managed to get our hands on some of the images from inside the hearing, and, well, in the words of Donald Trump, it’s so sad.

Steve King Hearing Pt 2

Steve King Hearing

Cue sound of legislative tumbleweeds. Poor Steve. It’s not the first time his anti-immigrant shenanigans have flopped, either. When the House was still wrestling with immigration reform back in 2013, King went to Richmond, Virginia to hold what was supposed to be a major rally against legislative efforts.

Only one problem, though: No one showed up. The non-event resulted in one of our favorite images ever, captured by Politico’s Seung Min Kim: