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Nevada Official, Shirley Matson, Reprimanded for Using Bigoted Language to Describe Immigrants

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Nye County, NevadaFollowing in the footsteps of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Virgil Peck, and the Three Amigos on Immigration (Reps. Smith (R-TX), Gallegly (R-CA), and King (R-IA)), all of whom have been using their elected positions to hate on immigrants, Shirley Matson, a tax assessor in Nevada, found herself in the hot seat last week when she decided to jump in with some incendiary comments of her own.

The local Pahrump Valley Times reports:

The Nye County tax assessor, whose controversial stance on illegal immigration erupted into public view last week, will have a chance to plead her case in front of county commissioners on Friday.

An agenda action item suggests that commissioners may attempt to discipline Matson. She used her office computer and her elected position to request that sheriff’s deputies check the immigration status of Hispanic workers building the county’s new jail.

The Pahrump Valley Times discovered emails sent from Matson’s private email address to local residents, including prominent current and former town and county office holders, that described illegal aliens in extreme language — she called illegal aliens locusts, and pregnant Latinas the country’s worst enemies, and even seemed to suggest that uneducated Latinos are the cause of Autism and other developmental disorders.

And the Drudge Retort’s DethSpud reports some of the more [horrifying] specifics:

A Nevada county tax assessor sent emails referring to “dirty filthy Mexican/Latino illegals,” compared illegal immigrants to locusts and wrote, “These young girls will spread their legs to anyone to get an anchor baby growing in their bellies so they can illegally cross the border and suck up the U.S. citizen tax base resource everywhere they go in the U.S.”

Yet Ms. Matson claimed that she’s not a racist, nor is she sorry (or smart) enough to apologize for her hateful comments. According to her, as reported in the same Pahrump Valley Times article, “this isn’t trumped up stuff.”