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Savage on Muslim immigrants: 15th-century “throwbacks, some of whom are no doubt terrorists

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Note: Authored by and cross-posted at Media Matters.

During the September 16 broadcast of The Savage Nation, host Michael
Savage discussed what a caller described as “the garbage that comes in
here legally.” The caller stated, “[W]e talk about illegal aliens, but
we tend to forget the garbage that comes in here legally. Like, I just
moved to D.C., and all these Muslim fundamentalists, I mean, they walk
around Northern Virginia as if they own the place.” Savage responded:
“All right, well, they do own the place — they spit on Americans. They
look at you with hatred if you’re not wearing 14th- to 15th-century
garb.” Savage went on to add: “Why would a nation that is as evolved as
America, and as liberal as America is socially, want to bring in
throwbacks who are living in the 15th century? Now you have to ask
yourself, what’s the benefit? What is the societal benefit of bringing
in throwbacks, some of whom are no doubt terrorists, and some of whom
are gonna produce children who will become terrorists?”

As Media Matters for America noted, on the
August 4 broadcast of The Savage Nation, while discussing the Italian
government’s decision to deploy soldiers on city streets to combat
violent crime for which, according to The New York Times, “illegal immigrants are broadly blamed,” Savage stated: “Things are
so bad in Europe that the Italians have put soldiers, military on their
streets. Now, you have to understand what it means by things are so
bad. The illegal immigrants, mainly Muslims and Africans, are out of
control.” He then added: “So they’ve done there what we need to do
here. We need to get our troops out of Iraq and put them on the streets
of America to protect us from the scourge of illegal immigrants who are
running rampant across America, killing our police for sport, raping,
murdering like a scythe across America while the liberal psychos are
telling us they come here to work.”