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Rupert Murdoch Welcomes Lou Dobbs to FOX (Will Fox Latino Report?)

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This just in: turns out all those rumors about Dobbs heading to FOX were true.

Any guess as to whether Rupert Murdoch, who supports immigration reform, will be announcing the news on his newly-launched Fox News Latino?

The LA Times Blog has the story in, Lou Dobbs joining Fox Business Network:

Just about a year to the day that he left CNN, Lou Dobbs is returning to cable news, this time as host of his own show on News Corp.’s Fox Business Network.

After being paid $8 million to leave CNN about a year ago, the hardline immigration-obsessed host became embroiled anew in scandal last month, when a year-long investigation exposed his own immigration hypocrisy (allegedly employing undocumented workers on his multi-million dollar estate).