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Roy Beck, Executive Director of NumbersUSA, Has No Idea What “Hate Speech” Is

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roy beckSomeone needs to get Roy Beck a dictionary.  Apparently this man has no idea how to define “hate speech.”

Last week, Georgia signed into law anti-immigrant Arizona copy-cat legislation.  Musician Carlos Santana reacted and expressed his disbelief and disappointment, saying:

I am here to give voice to the invisible…I would invite all Latin people to do nothing for about two weeks so you can see who really, really is running the economy.  Who cleans the sheets? Who cleans the toilets?  Who babysits?

According to Roy Beck, this is “a new low in hate speech against American workers.”  Either Roy Beck doesn’t understand what hate speech means, or he’s just making a really bad joke.

Let’s put the cards on the table and lay down some facts. 

Roy Beck is the Executive Director of NumbersUSA, which is an anti-immigrant, pro-mass deportation organization. He created NumbersUSA under the umbrella and mentorship of John Tanton, who has recently been referred to by the New York Times as the “Anti-Immigration Crusader”.