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Rep. Gutierrez In Video Message To Immigration Advocates: "We Did It."

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Last night, Rep. Luis Gutierrez released English and Spanish-language videos celebrating President Barack Obama’s historic plan to protect millions of immigrant families from deportation:

“We did it. We have fought side-by-side, we have cried together, and now we celebrate with joy, emotion, and gratitude.

I see the faces of parents who will finally have the security of knowing that they can raise their beautiful children in peace and help them achieve the American Dream.

I see the faces of children who’ve come to my office with tears in their eyes, who will no longer fear that their mom or dad won’t be home at the end of the day.”

But with sign-up for deportation relief and work permits still a few months down the road, Rep. Gutierrez warned prospective applicants not to fall for any money scams or people making promises (“Don’t be the victim”) and instead go to his website for more information about who might qualify.

In the meantime, Rep. Gutierrez suggests gathering documents to prove identities and ties to the United States, “just like the DREAMers had to do before applying for DACA.”

Watch Rep. Gutierrez’s English-language video here. It’s also available in Spanish here.