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Remembering and Honoring César Chávez

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cesar chavezBefore his death in 1993, César Chávez was asked by a union member how he wanted to be remembered; he replied:

If you want to remember me, organize!

Chavez, who inspired millions of people to commit themselves to social and economic justice, would have turned 84 today. 

Events are planned across the country to remember his life and work. Government offices in California are closed, and President Obama even issued a Presidential Proclamation to “honor his enduring legacy.”

But in order to keep this day true to the “Chávez” sprit, we ought to do more than simple acts of observance. We need some solidarity—and action.  

Standing in solidarity with Chávez, who fought for many of the rights we enjoy today, doesn’t have to be a dramatic public event.  It can be small and simple.

César Chávez’s organization, the United Farm Workers, is running a campaign today promoting Chavez’ message of fair treatment for farm workers and fair labor contracts.  You can inspire (and organize) your Facebook friends here.

And if you’re looking for more, sign our petition to President Obama demanding that he stop the deportations of DREAM Act-eligible students. 

Just remember today, as you celebrate César Chávez’s birthday, to do it in a way that he would have wanted.

Happy César Chávez Day!