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Reid Challenges Trump To Take Citizenship Test: “He Would Almost Certainly Fail, Given His General Ignorance”

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Many have been quick to note that even Donald Trump wouldn’t pass Donald Trump’s ludicrous plan to conduct “extreme vetting” of people seeking to come to the United States.

“In the Cold War, we had an ideological screening test,” Trump said yesterday. “The time is overdue to develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. I call it extreme vetting.”

Never one to miss a golden opportunity to troll the living daylights out of a total moron, Sen. Harry Reid then wondered out-loud: What if Donald Trump had to take a test to become an American?

The full press from Sen. Reid’s office is below, and it is truly a Smithsonian-worthy work of art:

“Since Donald Trump wants to impose new tests on immigrants, he should take the one test every immigrant has to pass to become a United States citizen. He would almost certainly fail, given his general ignorance and weak grasp of basic facts about American history, principles and functioning of our government. The fact is, Donald Trump is nothing more than a spoiled, unpatriotic drain on society who has earned nothing and helped no one.

“In my more than thirty years representing Nevada, I’ve found no experience more rewarding and inspiring than attending naturalization ceremonies. Dozens of times, I have had the privilege of watching new Americans raise their right hands and pledge loyalty to the United States. These are men, women and children who worked hard to get here, who worked hard to become citizens and who are now working hard as productive members of our society.

“Unlike immigrants, Donald Trump represents none of the qualities that make America great. Immigrants work hard to get here and become Americans, while Trump inherited everything from his father and works hardest at Tweeting insults and ripping off hard-working people with two-bit scams.

“Immigrants renounce all loyalty to foreign interests, while Trump plays footsie with Putin and invites the Russian government to launch cyberattacks against our country.

“Immigrants pledge to defend America against all enemies foreign and domestic, while Trump insults Gold Star parents like Ghazala and Khazir Khan, and war heroes like my friend Senator John McCain.

“Immigrants pledge true faith, while Trump lies about giving to charity.

“Immigrants work hard to build better lives for their families, while Trump was born on third and thinks he hit a triple.

“Immigrants work hard to learn American history and civics, while Trump appears ignorant of basic facts about this country.

“Indeed, the naturalization test is just one part of the process immigrants undergo to become citizens, but Trump would almost certainly fail that test.

“Immigrants make America great. Trump makes America small, petty and mean.”