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ICE Ends Contracts with Two Detention Facilities: Posts From the Groups & Advocates Who Made it Possible

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Today, ICE announced that it will end their contracts with two detention facilities: Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, and Bristol County Detention Center in Massachusetts. This comes after years of community organizing and activism, particularly from the Detention Watch Network, to close these centers of abuse and terror. 

This decision is long overdue, especially after it was revealed that women who were detained were subjected to non-consensual sterilization without consent at Irwin County Detention Center last September, and people detained at Bristol County Detention Center encountered mistreatment and civil rights violations. We applaud the efforts of all who spoke out against these establishments and hope that this is just the first step of the Biden administration continuing to divest in detention facilities. 

Overall, the public welcomed the good news: 


The Detention Watch Network has been at the forefront of this issue nationally, and wrote a celebratory and informative thread about the next steps for the Biden administration: 



Of course, this win could not have been possible if it wasn’t for countless grassroot activists who have been on the ground fighting to close these facilities for good! In Georgia, movements like Project South, Georgia Latino Alliance, Georgia Detention Watch, and SoGa Immigrant Support Network have worked tirelessly to #ShutDownIrwin!

While there is much news on Irwin County Detention Center, activists in Massachusetts, such as the FANG Collective has worked to #ShutDownIce since 2018. Here is a detailed thread of their journey through this fight: 

Also, we must not forget how Dawn Wooten, a nurse at the facility, revealed the horror of forced sterilization at the Irwin County Detention Center last fall. Individuals honored her bravery, and celebrated her in this victory as well: 


Even with this celebratory news, this could potentially mean that people detained individuals are just transferred to another facility, and Detention Watch Network urges individuals to be released as they await their case to be heard: 


If you want to get involved, you can send a letter to Biden urging the shutdown of more detention facilities: 

You can also retweet to call out ICE and the White House: