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‘Qué Pasa’ in Immigration: Obama to Meet Brewer; Death In Detention; Peru

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The Spanish-language press reports that President Barack Obama plans to meet with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer this week at the White House. The death of an undocumented immigrant after an encounter with Border Patrol and a pair of encounters between members of the First Family and Peruvians also make headlines.

Obama to meet Brewer.  The governor asked to meet with the president to discuss immigration and border security. Brewer signed anti-immigrant law SB 1070. Notimex, EFE and Reuters have more on the story.

Death in detention. Undocumented immigrant Anastasio Hernández has died after being detained by Border Patrol agents. Sample headlines:

La Opinión (Los Angeles): “Indignation over immigrant’s death”

Univision.com: “Immigrant dies after beating”

BBC Mundo: “Mexico asks U.S. to investigate death of undocumented immigrant”