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'Qué pasa' in Immigration: State of the Union (In Spanish)

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A large number of Spanish-language news outlets today ran State of the Union headlines expressing disappointment among Hispanics and immigrants over what they described as the lack of detailed discussion, or any sort of vigorous defense, of comprehensive immigration reform in President Barack Obama’s address last night. BBC Mundo headlined its article: “Hispanic disappointment over Obama’s speech” (“Decepción Hispana ante discurso de Obama”)

La Opinion titled its article “Disappointment on the subject of immigration” (“Hay decepción en el tema migratorio”)

Here’s an excerpt from the article, in which the reporter speaks with community members who watched the speech:

“The President said “We need to reform our broken immigration system,” and the room filled with excitement. After a few moments, a voice called out “But tell us what you’re going to do. Be clear.” And the debate began.

“I didn’t like it. He didn’t really get to the point; he spoke as if he were still running for president. I’m not American, but if I were I’d be upset,” said one student.

 “I disagree,” said Gaby, another girl in the room. “He focused on the subject of the economy because that’s affecting the United States. He’s demonstrating to the public that he’s working on it; that we’ll have health-care reform, that everyone will be legalized (literally, “be given papers”), that the economy will be set right, but not in a single year. I think it’ll go step by step.”

 “Well, I didn’t like it because he spoke like a politician, evasively,” commented Andrea, a housekeeper. “He gave us no reason to hope for immigration reform. I know it’s not easy, but he’s promised a lot and he hasn’t done anything he’s promised.”

On the opinion pages, Jorge Ramos’ column, entitled “Unrest in the Union” mentions Obama’s inaction with respect to immigration reform.

Check out these other headlines:

Univision.com: “Obama plays down reform: Legalization of undocumented uncertain

Notimex: “Obama asks for fix to immigration system, but avoids detail

EFE: “Latinos hope that Obama offers solutions to Hispanic community’s problems

Ponte al Día: “Obama has to fulfill his campaign promises

Mundo Hispánico: “Immigration reform on the ropes

On the local level, press coverage highlights the effects of the government’s immigration enforcement policies, with deportations conducted through Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the 287(g) program.

America’s Voice is starting a new series to bring Spanish-language coverage of immigration and politics to a wider audience. Look for daily roundups (in English), of some of the best Spanish-language news.

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